7 Brain Hacks for Being a Better Gamer

Most of the video games out there require a lot of brainwork to win. Whether you’re playing an adventure game, strategy, or survival game, you will need a lot of strategizing, planning, and concentration to win. Moreover, if you’re a team leader or even playing with a squad, you must develop tactical moves and think out of the box to achieve good results. 

All these actions originate from the brain, meaning that it is also working alongside your eyes and hands to take you to victory. Therefore, if you want to utilize this engine more for better results, consider certain hacks. But while trying to improve your brain power, don’t forget to buy hwid spoofer for a better gaming experience. 

Check the hacks below!

Brain hacks to improve your gameplay. 

#1 mprove your gaming station

If you’re a serious gamer, you probably have a dedicated space where you sit to play. So, how have you optimized it to improve your brain activities? First, you must make sure that everything in that space is the best for your gaming. 

First, the chair must be suitable to improve your posture and concentration. Also, external noise should be eliminated as well.  If you can’t eliminate the external distractions, invest in gaming headphones to cut them out. 

#2 Keep your liquid close. 

Brain activity consumes a lot of energy. So, if you don’t want to lose your motor skills or concentration, make sure you take liquids such as water, juice, etc., to remain hydrated. Dehydration limits our cognitive performance and thereby affects our gaming results.

Take your minds to eSports tournaments players. Why do you think they have those bottled waters around them? You will not perform better without staying hydrated because the brain is overworking and not getting the energy it needs.  So, make sure that you have your water handy to boost your energy as you play. 

#3 Ventilation affects our brains.

The flow of cool natural air on your body can calm the brain a lot. It happens to many of us. When you’re feeling distracted or cranky, you take a walk and come back rejuvenated and more cheerful. 

Nature has a curing effect that you can’t buy with money. So, find ways to let that cool air into your space. For example, you can open the windows and also de-clutter your space to allow adequate ventilation. Also, the natural light flowing in will improve your total body and keep it fit. Some pro gamers even recommend setting up your station near the window to get both air and sunlight. But don’t forget to take a walk outside to soak in the elements fully. 

#4 Take breaks from gaming. 

 No matter how great you are, you still need short breaks to perform better. If you want your brain to recharge and work better and faster, leave that gaming chair for some time and come back later. You might think you’re doing well now. But try these breaks and watch the level of performance you will give. 

The truth is that when you do one thing for too long without breaks, burnout sets in automatically after some time. You may not know, but if your brain gets tired, you can’t do anything well. So, allow it the short breaks it needs to unpack and reboot. 

#5 Watch your games 

After playing the game, why not sit down and analyze what you’ve just done. The brain will be noticing the areas you messed up and thinking out how to improve them. When you take this action as often as you can, the result will be and improved gameplay. \

Now that many streaming services are available, it has become easy to sit down and watch your games. You can also ask some of your gaming friends to watch how you played and share their thoughts. As you spend time rewatching your performance, you may be shocked at what you’ll discover. As your brain assimilates them, it will become easier to avoid the mistakes and play better. 

#6 Teach some beginners 

One of the easiest ways to learn something is to teach another person. We usually apply this strategy in academics to improve our subjects. Who said it wouldn’t work with gaming. So try to teach others from time to time. 

As you’re busy sharing the information, correcting their mistakes, telling them how to play better in different situations, you’ll be improving. Your brain will store all the information and push them up when you need them. Moreover, a beginner might have one or two things to recall for you when you’ve forgotten. All this information will be stored in your brain for later use. 

#7 Leave your comfort zone.

Stretching your brain outside the box of your comfort zone can help you to improve. So, instead of playing with the familiar groups or players, why not try other random gamers? You will be surprised that there are still things to learn. 

Also, you will brush up on your skills and also learn to take criticisms from others. Remember, your friends or gaming team might not tell you where you fail. But random gamers have nothing to fear or lose. They will lay it hard for you and also share their game style with you. 


The brain is the powerhouse of the entire body system. You can utilize it very well to do better at anything you want. So, consider the hacks above and take action today. The more you improve your brain, the better your performance becomes.