Get to Wear Like Sailor Moon Characters in Japan

Japanese wedding dress rental company Mariarosa has collaborated with famous mangaka Naoko Takeuchi to create the Sailor Moon wedding dress line, inspired by the eponymous manga and anime series.

Aside from the featured bride and groom attire based on Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion, the collection also offers dresses for the equally important entourage. The outfits are based from the likeness of Sailor Chibimoon, Luna, and the Outer Sailor Soldiers.

Sadly, the collection is only available in Japan and only accessible via rentals. Perhaps if the collection proves popular, it will be produced for retail and even expanded, as there are a lot more characters that can be inspirations for the outfits, such as the Inner Sailor Soldiers, Artemis, and Pegasus, to name a few.

The entire collection can be viewed here (site in Japanese).