Farlight 84 Philippines Summit Showcases Big Announcements for Farlight 84 Locally Header Image

Farlight 84 Philippines Summit Showcases Big Announcements for Farlight 84 Locally

Farlight Games, the global publishing brand of Lilith Games based in Singapore hosted yesterday an evening summit titled as the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit.

The evening affair focused on the idea of building a “hyper local ecosystem”. Which presents their flagship title to the Philippine gaming public along with the local esports ecosystem.

The Farlight 84 PH SUMMIT is not just another event—it’s a testament to Farlight 84‘s unwavering commitment to delivering the best to our community and players, as a team, we continually strive for excellence, curating engaging and localized gaming experiences that resonate deeply with players. Our collaborations have brought fruitful and meaningful results, amplifying our mission to take gaming to new heights.

According to Nelson Woon, Senior Director, Global Publishing at Farlight 84.

Here’s the complete rundown of what was announced during the event.

Game Updates

Farlight Games promised a tailored roadmap for Filipino players with local content made available in-game. With the tease of an upcoming Pinay Hero to be released this coming October. Farlight 84 will also have a hero skin inspired by the country’s rich cultural diversity, with the design having Filipino fans in-mind.

Collaborations & Cyber Cafe Program

Aside from these local announcements. Farlight Games also teased collaborations with Ella Cruz which the first phase of the collab to have her in-game battle emote and dance made available for free, and an SB19 collaboration with Josh and Justin as part of the deal.

It brings me immense pride to be the brand ambassador of Farlight 84, diving headfirst into the heart-pounding excitement of one of the Philippines’ most beloved FPS games. As a player myself, I’m thrilled by the positive impact Farlight 84 is bringing to the Filipino gaming community. With great excitement, I look forward to witnessing the game’s remarkable journey of growth and success.

According to Ella Cruz, Farlight 84 Brand Embassadress.

There is also an upcoming Cyber Cafe integration. With the promise of having 600+ local cyber cafes providing special bonuses and other inclusive and camaraderie building activities as a team up with TNC.

Community and Content Creators

Another announcement is the creation of a community leader program where Farlight Games aims to empower local gaming leaders. This is also on top of the creation empowerment where Farlight Games pledges $10 million to bolster Filipino content creators. This pledge comes with cash rewards, frequent events, content tutorials, and dispersal of in-game diamonds. The company’s vision ensures every creator identifies a tailored growth strategy within Farlight Through continuous mentorship. Farlight Games through Farlight 84 aspires to uplift content quality, championing a collaborative journey of creativity and growth, firmly believing in the distinct potential of the Filipino creator community.


Farlight 84 pledges an unprecedented $20 million over 5 years, setting a new standard for esports in the Philippines. Funding it through the Farlight Philippines Championship (FPC), an inclusive tournament series open to everyone regardless of skill or rank, ensuring equitable progress with its pioneering FPC point system. With a chance to compete for a staggering $1 million prize pool, players also get opportunities to win cash prizes in a plethora of tournaments nearly every other day. Looking ahead, Farlight 84 hints at a potential 2024 World Cup.

Globally, Farlight Games promised new monthly hero updates and a half-a year new map, slew of weapons, game modes and vehicles.

On top of the aforementioned game updates, Farlight 84 is also coming to the Nintendo Switch, and a planned expansion to PlayStation and Xbox next year.