With the upcoming Toycon 2016 about four months away, the opening salvo for the annual event will be held at the UP Town Center Amphitheater this coming March 19-20, 2016. The event will have various activities lined up such as:

  • Cosplay parade
  • Games & Quiz show
  • Pop! Customizing Workshop
  • Toy Collectors Exhibit
  • Toy & Collectibles Sale

The Launchpad is co-presented by Kramer Toy Store and will also house statues from of Asilo Studios and Cara Force Studios. 11 Toy groups will be present and a total of 16 exhibitors will fill the event area as well.

Here are the list of those present during this two day event:

16 Exhibitors:


  1. Grace Yen
  2. Phoenix 1
  3. Mac Kolektibols
  4. King Charles
  5. Red Monster
  6. Cadimus Prime
  7. Gundam Jason
  8. Sakura
  9. Jason
  10. Phoenix
  11. Red toys
  12. Don Canuto
  13. Pinky
  14. Japanimation
  15. Cathy Co
  16. Jedi Knight
  17. Jaren Toy Shop

11 Toy Groups

  1. SW Philippines
  2. PTK Philippines
  3. PAKPH
  4. PH Lego Users Group
  5. Toysoldier  1:18
  6. Mega Blocks
  8. Dark Knight PH
  10. IPMS
  11. Robot Pilipinas

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