Talecraft Calls for Submissions for Their Horror Anthology

If you’re a horror fan and a Talecraft owner. Talecraft is currently looking for entries for their Horror Anthology.

This anthology would require you to use of the Horror Genre. The Archetype required are Evil Albino, and one female archetype of your choosing. The other required keywords are: Betrothal or contract, Cries in the Night, Split Personality, Grandfather Clock, Arabian Perfume and Transformation.

Deadline for entries is on August 1, 2016. And for the full submission mechanics you can check it below.

If you are interested to join in but don’t have a copy of Talecraft, you can head to the nearest Major Bookstore near you or you can order them online.

Horror Anthology

Call for Submissions
Horror Anthology

Genre: Horror

Evil Albino | Choose a Female Archetype

Betrothal or contract| Cries in the Night
Split Personality | Grandfather Clock
Arabian Perfume | Transformation
Create your own horror story and join us in our third Master Story Creator’s Anthology. The stories will be published online. Bookstore to be announced soon.
Here’s how to join:

1) The Genre and Keywords are given.
2) Only one Archetype is give. Use the Talecraft cards and choose a Female Archetype from the deck.
3) Stories must be horror-inducing. Gore and excessive blood will be permitted if done tastefully.
4) Write your story in 5,000 to 10,000 words.
5) Submit your work to us via e-mail.

Publish-ready short stories will be considered for the anthology. Submit your story using this template.

For minors, please send consent letter of parents, name and contact details of parents.

Send submission and/or inquiries to: maita@komikasi.com or feedback@komikasi.com with the subject: Master Story Creator’s Anthology 3 Submission + Name or Master Story Creator’s Anthology Inquiry. Deadline of submissions is on August 1, 2016.