Neutral Grounds Hosting Dice Masters SEA Qualifiers and Championships This Weekend

Neutral Grounds Philippines announced that they will be hosting the Dice Masters 2017 National Championship is happening this coming weekend at the their Eton Centris Walk branch. This is in line with the Wizkids Road to Worlds event happening worldwide.

The qualifiers will happen this Saturday, May 13 from 11:00 A.M. for the first pod and 4:00 P.M. for the 2nd pond. The entrance fee is 825 PHP while the format is unlimited constructed, single eliminations.

The prize structure is as follows:

  • Winner – Random Main Event Prize Card, 8 Dice masters Qualification Points
  • 2nd Place – Random Main Event Prize Card, 4 Dice masters Qualification Points
  • 3rd to 8th place – Random Side Event Prize Card

Meanwhile, the Dice Masters championship is happening the very next day, at 12 noon. With the format changing to unlimited constructed, Swiss then single elimination for the top cut.

Here’s the rundown of the price structure for the championship:

  • Winner – Most recent Dice Masters Factory set available at that time, 2018 Championship Qualification, Design a Dice Masters Card
  • Top 2 – Most recent Dice Masters Factory set available at that time
  • Top 4 – Most recent Dice Masters Super Rare set available at that time
  • Top 8 – Hellblazer: Constantine Foil Card, Green Goblin: Gobby Foil card, Constantine: Antihero Foil Card, Captain America: Super Soldier Foil Card
  • Top 16 – Scarecrow: Hallucigenic Vapors Foil Card, Punisher: War Journal Foil Card, Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark Foil Card, Ronin: Lone Warrior Foil Card
  • Top 32 – Two Face: Double Deal Foil Card, Rocket Racoon: Not A Racoon Foil Card, Big Entrance Foil Card, The Front Line Foil Card
  • Participation Prize – Green Arrow: Robin Hood Sketch Variant Card, Hulk Out Sketch Variant Card, Beast Boy: Gar Sketch Variant Card, Vibranium Shield: One of A Kind Variant Card

For more info, you can head to the photo on the fanpage.