Be Like a Trapo with the Politricks Card Game

With the election season in high gear, there will be times that we would just wonder how it feels like to be one of those candidates who aspire to serve the Filipino people *cough*.

Right? Right?

It seems that we may get a chance to live vicariously as one of those trapos with the Politricks Card Game.  The game’s objective is simple, win the position you are aiming for at all cost. And in typical election tradition, you can either “attack” your opponents and give meriendas just to win those areas you need to help serve *cough*.

Be Like a Trapo with the Politricks Card Game

The game allows you to choose from various trapos that seem to be caricature of uh, famous Politicians in the Philippines.

I like that the game design is bright and the text easily readable as the game developers didn’t just make this as a parody of our electoral system but also as a means to teach voters on the realities of our terribly flawed election system.

A brief description of the game states:

In this game, you and your friends get to play as corrupt politicians vying to win a government seat. Poke fun at all the outrageous things dirty candidates do to win the elections, such as:

  • Shamelessly promoting yourself by singing and crying!

  • Bribing your way to the top – the more you pay, the more chances of winning!

  • Sabotaging your rivals – accuse them of insanity, freeze their bank accounts, and lock them up in house arrest!

  • Raising cash from dubious sources – In illegal gambling, endless road repairs, and pork barrel scams – anywhere but your own pocket,” the group explained.

    The game requires 2-5 mature players for each round that may last up to 20 minutes. The game is also set for 2-5 players.

The game’s premise seems fun enough and I’ll have my hands to test play the game in the near future. If you’re interested in getting a copy or want to see the game be demo’ed you can head to their official launch at Snacks and Ladders Boardgame Cafe, at Maginhawa Street QC from 1-3 P.M. tom.

Politricks Game Launch Invite

I was informed that the game will retail at around 499 php so it seems like a good enough deal to get one.