Adidas Collaborates with The Pokémon Company International

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Adidas announced early January 2020 about its collaboration with The Pokémon Company International for a collection celebrating the iconic video game franchise through a stylish new line.

Featuring both adult and youth styles, much of the design aesthetic of the collection is inspired by classic lo-fi 8-bit graphics, as a throwback to Pokémon when they first appeared. The collection sees the game’s array of effects – using patterns of pixels to create colors, gradients and textures – combine with some of Adidas’s most celebrated retro staples for fans who want to take their love of the game to the next level.

Footwear in the youth collection includes Adidas Advantage and Hoops Mid 2.0 shoes – both of which have seen their retro Adidas style given a refresh, through the addition of pixelated Pokémon uppers. The youth apparel line-up includes an Adidas Pokémon trainer tee and classic black tracksuit, featuring Pokémon inspired graphics as part of its updated look.

The adult footwear collection features a new take on the running-style Adidas Phosphere shoes – combining lasting comfort with eye-catching style through the inclusion of contemporary Pokémon illustrations on the tongue. The apparel range includes a pixelated Pokémon tee, in addition to tapered cuff pants, that offers a worthy nod to the gaming icon’s heritage.

“Streetwear is about making statements – wearing the newest and freshest pieces to show your style and to get yourself noticed. We’re delighted to collaborate with Pokémon to create this unique new sport-inspired line that takes cues from the prolific gaming franchise. The collection is sure to be a must-have for Pokémon Trainers across the globe, young and old.”

Bernhard Serr, VP Product Core Apparel / Accessories at Adidas

 “This collaboration between Pokémon and adidas sees two of the world’s biggest brands combine to create a unique clothing capsule for Pokémon Trainers. Together, we’ve reimagined timeless adidas staples, giving them a classic but distinctly Pokémon refresh to create a stylish new line that will enable fans to look the part while levelling-up their love of Pokémon games.”

Colin Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at The Pokémon Company International

The Adidas x Pokémon collection will be available to buy at, the Adidas app and select retailers from January 1, 2020.

Based on my search through the official Philippines website of Adidas, I was not able to find all the items listed. The only ones I was able to find were the Hoops mid 2.0, and the Phosphere (which is sold out). Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t ever get those items, maybe if we show enough interest in the shoes they’ll start sending the clothing merchandise our way