5 Essential Travel Pack Items for COVID-19 Prevention

Before the worldwide pandemic, packing for your travel needs was both a chore and a necessity. Whether the trip is short or for the long haul, you needed to pack essentials such as your documents, credit cards, toiletries, foreign currency, extra clothes, phone and gadget chargers. You even needed a neck pillow if you were about to spend a long time on the road. But nowadays, health is a primary concern. Even health essentials are necessary to prevent the spread of the deadliest virus in the world today.

Most countries are now lifting quarantines and bans for their citizens. Some are even allowed to travel with proper social distancing and safety measures. But the symptoms of COVID-19 are too many to be ignored. A simple cough or sneeze is enough to transmit the virus. So if you cannot avoid travelling, you should prepare your luggage with extra care.

When you have products like a Skyequipment range of industrial-strength disinfectants and other health-related products, you can avoid contamination and limit the transmission to a bare minimum. So be sure to pack at least five of the basic needs for a better chance of viral prevention.

Extra face masks

The new normal requires people to wear a face mask at all times. Before the virus attack, you can buy face masks anywhere and in all shapes and sizes. But ever since the pandemic, there is an alarming shortage. So if you are going to some unfamiliar territory, make sure that you are well protected. Bring several masks to avoid contact with both symptomatic and asymptomatic people.

Hand sanitizing alcohol gels

It is expected for any surface to be virus-laden, and there are times that you cannot avoid touching things. What if you unintentionally hold on to it? The ramifications of such an act are frightening. But what could be terrifying is the possibility of a lack of available soap and water. If you cannot wash your hands, it is best to have a hand sanitizing gel that is alcohol-based at your disposal. At least, you can disinfect your hands anytime and anywhere you are in the world.

Packing cubes

When you pack your clothes, you may have a different cube bag for each kind of item. Shirts go in one of the cubes; underwear goes in another, etc. Packing cubes are now a necessity for your clothing to be segregated from the rest of your luggage. These add extra layers of protection from possible contamination from your other items such as bottles, towels, and even phones.

Waterproof phone pouch

Speaking of phones, did you know that your cell phone is the one that is at risk for infection? Your hand touches a lot of surfaces. And when you feel for your phone, any microorganism on it will be transferred to any exterior. Unfortunately, a phone is an item that gets the least amount of cleaning. Having a waterproof phone pouch in your travels prevents the actual smartphone from getting impurities that are unseen by the naked eye. It is also waterproof, so it will be easier to clean once you get to your room.

A first aid kit

Long before the pandemic, a first aid kit was already in the list of travel pack essentials. But it is now essential for any traveller. Ensure that you have paracetamol, some tummy medicine, band-aids, and alcohol wipes for any mishaps before and after getting to your destination.

These items are vital to survival and may spell the difference between saving lives. So it is best to never leave home without them.

Author Bio: Jude Segel is an intrigued content essayist and deep-rooted student with a progressing interest to learn new things.  He works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility

Editor’s Note: Photo by Sebastian on Unsplash