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Teamgroup has just announced the release of their latest creation, Dash Card, a memory card specially made for dashboard cameras. Designed for long term and stable storage performance and high compatibility with dashboard cameras currently on the market. It has passed numerous quality tests and compatibility verifications, and is proven to be a dashcam’s best partner for memory storage.

The Dash Card has been carefully designed for dashboard cameras and video surveillance. With UHS-I U1*(Class10) specification, it allows the dashboard cameras to record flawless Full HD** 1080p (30fps) high quality video. It can record driving images or crucial moments clearly and be used as evidence to clarify the cause and responsibility of the accident. Dash Card has passed compatibility verifications with many major dashboard cameras on the market, and is also tested respectively for functions such as video record, photo, etc. It has high compatibility, long term and stable storage performance that can completely record the trip and crucial images. Driving safety of consumers can be guaranteed; moreover, the rights and interest can also be protected in crucial moments. It is the most powerful backing when it comes to record driving.

The Dash Card has been tested under all kinds of harsh conditions. Not only does it function normally in extreme temperature from -25 to 85℃, it is also shock proof, water proof, x-ray proof, and many others. No matter what kind of harsh environment the consumer is driving in, it can provide all-around protection to the recording data giving the user peace of mind that the data is safe even if the dashcam suffers damage.

*The minimum sequential write speed defined by the SD Association of UHS-I U1(Class10) is 10MB/s.

**Full HD video support may vary based upon host device, file attributes and other factors.

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