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GOautodial Inc. recently invited tech bloggers to its SOHO (small office/home office) to reintroduce itself to what it calls the “Jedi Knights of Online Publishing,” and showcase its only product – an enterprise-grade, SME-priced telephony software. Simply called GOautodial, the company last year changed its pricing model from a one-time, big-time purchase, as most software vendors do, to a monthly subscription model. “Lease, don’t buy” was the clarion call. For a monthly subscription price of P1,750 per seat (or per user-account) of what the company calls its “GO Small” package, a small business owner can start automating customer campaigns like telemarketing, lead generation, voice blasting and so much more. Compare this to similar telephony software that vendors sell for at least P500,000 for 10 or so seats.

If a global company like Microsoft now offers its complete Office Suite, downloaded into your computing devices, for a small monthly fee, why can’t other software vendors do the same?” said Raffy Pekson II, Senior Adviser to GOautodial Inc. and its current Director of Sales and Marketing. “We have been at the forefront of the telephony software industry since we began developing the first version in the living room of our co-founder and CEO, Demian Biscocho. That was seven years ago. Today, Version 4 of the GOautodial software is in the beta stage, which comes packed with new features like WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and a user interface based on Google’s Material Design – for desktops and laptops, tablets and smart phones – to name a few goodies.

Pekson added, “Everyone is drowning in oceans of e-mail, text and social media messages. Yet, only a few realize that the grassroots medium of an engaging customer conversation is (still) by way of the Human Voice – using a phone.” He continued that organizations, especially SMEs, should start using the phone a lot more because the human voice communicates empathy and feelings, unlike text-based conversations which is totally emotionless. Customer interest and a closed sale can best be achieved better and faster if SME employees spoke to its prospects than forcing the latter to keep tapping on their phones.

The GOautodial software is an open source telephony software where businesses can actually download it for free. It is one of the most popular software and the second-most used in its category, in the world. This, from a small Filipino company that started in the living room less than a decade ago. However, installing it and managing its day-to-day operations takes a wellexperienced IT expert to accomplish. So, GOautodial Inc. has been offering a paid service to ease that technical burden on small business owners, all of whom just want to focus on what they do best. It’s Filipino ingenuity with Filipino pricing being offered to the entire world.

Since day one, GOautodial Inc. has always been small business-centric. Our service pricing model appeals to the SMEs, especially small call centers, in the world. That’s why our customer footprint is already in almost three dozen countries, in all six of the seven continents of the world,” Pekson continued his presentation. “We’ve been doing this for seven years now – remote installation and configuration, server-side management, managed SaaS or cloud, service and support, troubleshooting, training, advice and guidance, even remote or online billing and collection. We know what SMEs need and we know how to service them.”

A few months ago, because of the demand for information using a telephony software in a business environment, GOautodial Inc. launched its “Free Advice” program, an email-oriented Q&A service where small business owners can ask technical and non-technical “How To” questions, like “What do I need to set up a small call center,” “How do I automate telemarketing for my field sales agents,” and many more. Anyone can email their questions to

The presentation ended with a challenge to SMEs: lessen the use of the already-overcrowded media of text blasts, e-mail blasts and social media blasts that results in very little interest and gain, and start harnessing the human voice as quicker means to market, sell, service and support your customers with empathy and care. If marketing is to digital media, then sales, and anything in between, is to the verbal medium – the human voice.

For more information, SMEs or small business owners can visit You can get in touch with GOautodial Inc. through e-mail, Philippine telephone number (02) 230-9039, or US Toll Free number +1 (877) 350-5288 (use Skype to call a US toll free number for free). They also respond through their Facebook Page and Twitter account.
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