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True to its commitment to support value-adding programs and initiatives that benefit communities in the Philippines, ASUS Philippines partnered anew with the ASUS Foundation, Chung Yuan University, Fil-Chi Love & Care Foundation, and Optimus Creative Agricultural Biotech Co., Ltd. to conduct a 2-week digital technology and information education camp for 120 students in Cotabato, Southern Mindanao.

The successful event, done in cooperation with the University of Southern Mindanao (USM), was organized and facilitated by an international volunteer group comprised of college students from Chung Yuan University, one of Taiwan’s premier learning institutions. The group was led by Professor Jimmy Wu from the university’s Department of Capital Management.

Included in the highly-interactive module were relevant topics in digital technology, such as mobile applications, web design, and robot control. In thoughtful consideration of the region’s agricultural roots, the team contextualized the network tool of the course’s game interface to pique students’ interest in digital technology and its applications to their community’s felt needs, one of which is smart agriculture.

The initiative also saw ASUS donating 40 pre-owned computers, used also during the camp, towards the establishment of the 1st Taiwan Digital Opportunity Center(TDOC) at USM, in order to extend the same learning opportunity in the future for students both in neighboring schools and far-flung areas.

It is a privilege to partner with our friends in Taiwan for this exciting opportunity to support and help lessen the digital divide in our communities in Southern Mindanao, Taiwan is an impressive example of how technology can improve the lives of communities and even encourage collaboration among its citizens.

Said George Su, Country Manager of ASUS Philippines.

We are grateful to our Taiwanese partners for lending their expertise to our young people for this initiative. They are now armed with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to leverage technology in order to improve quality of life in their communities and beyond, and we look forward to seeing this realized in the near future.

He added.

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