Acer Philippines continues to strengthen its commercial business segment with the latest developments in Altos Computing as it launches its upgraded Altos Servers.

The Altos Servers harness the power and reliability of Xeon processors to deliver the maximum performance perfect for the needs of the most demanding users, such as designers, engineers, and research professionals.

The latest Altos Servers pride itself on having the state-of-the-art capabilities that will help reach various enterprises reach new heights. These include theĀ Altos T110 F4 and Altos T310 F4 for big businesses, the AT350 F3 for medium-sized enterprises, departments, and branch offices, and the Altos R360 F3 and the Altos W2000h-W370h F4 for smaller, even personal use.

The business model of Altos Computing Inc. is to provide the best streamlined and cost-effective integrated solutions through research and development working with servers, workstations, thin client, network and storage. Solutions include, but are not limited to, High Performance Computing, Virtual Desktop Interface, and cloud platforming, among others.

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