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XTREME Appliances is excited to announce its participation in the biggest Lazada Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale on July 15, 2020 (Wednesday).

Brand Mega Offer

XTREME will have lower price reductions on the following products for specific time. 

Have a precise and high definition viewing, 2 best-selling XTREME LED TVs will be part of the flash sales from. The products have remote control, USB, HDMI, and VGA ports. Both have framed slim bezel, dynamic sound quality and guaranteed cinematic experience. The sale schedule is from 12AM – 2AM, 12NN – 2PM and 6PM – 8PM.


  • 40-inch XTREME LED TV: 10,495/₱9,995
  • 32-inch XTREME LED TV: 11,995/5,795

Just in the time for the Health and Nutrition month, XTREME Blenders, Multi-Cookers, Induction Cooker, and Electric Kettles will be on special sale. A 600 ML personal bender perfect for on-the-go and 2 plastic jar blenders that are versatile tools that can be used to purée healthy ingredients Transform dishes with XTREME Multi-Cookers, available in 1 L and 1.8 L sizes, a time-efficient tool that is perfect for preparing nutritious food. Save precious minutes with the new Induction Cooker. It has a soft-touch control and energy-saving device that offers 6 cooking programs at 8 power levels. Complete your balance diet with calming brewed drinks using  XTREME Electric Kettles. Available in 2 cool designs, it has a pop-up lid, cord storage, and large enough capacity to boil 8 cups at a time. The sale schedule of these home essentials is from 12AM – 2AM and 12NN – 2PM.


  • Plastic Jar Blender 1.5 L: 1,695/1,595
  • Plastic Jar Blender 1.25 L: 1,495/1,395
  • Personal Blender 600 ML: 1,295/1,195

Electric Kettles

  • Stainless Electric Kettle: 1,495/1,395
  • Glass Electric Kettle: 995/895


  • Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0 L: 2,495/2,395
  • Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8 L: 2,995/2,895
  • Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8 L: 1,995/1,895

Induction Cooker

  • Induction Cooker: 1,995/1,895

Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale (12 MN – 11:59 PM)

XTREME will also have a whole day promotion on appliances that cater to your dining and kitchen needs.


  • Digital Microwave Oven: 3,995/3,295


  • Plastic Jar Blender 1.5 L: 1,695/1,650
  • Plastic Jar Blender 1.25 L: 1,495/1,450
  • Personal Blender 600 ML: 1,295/1,250

Electric Kettles

  • Stainless Electric Kettle: 1,495/1,450
  • Glass Electric Kettle: 995/950


  • Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0 L: 2,495/₱2,420
  • Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8 L:₱2,995/2,935
  • Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8 L: ₱1,995/1,930

Induction Cooker

  • Induction Cooker: 1,995/1,950

Bundle Promos

Make laundry feel less of a chore with XTREME Front Load Condensing Dryer and Front Load Washer. The fully automatic washer has a pre-wash, quick wash, extra rinse, my cycle, wool, and baby care options with overheat protection. While the Condensing dryer features an anti-wrinkle function with fabric-type and multiple program selections. Both can load up to 9kg of clothes for washing. Each item will be offered as a bundle with fast heating and power-saving XTREME Manual Control Microwave.

XTREME Washing Machine

  • 0 KG XTREME Front Load Condensing Dryer: 24,995
    • With XTREME Manual Control Microwave
  • 0 KG XTREME Front Load Washer: 24,995
    • With XTREME Manual Control Microwave 

Free Shipping

Don’t miss out the limited free shipping with no minimum spending (capped at ₱50) for Luzon residents on LED TVs, Washer, Condensing Dryer, and other XTREME appliances below:

XTREME Front Load COMBO Washer & Dryer: ₱44,995

XTREME Microwave Ovens

  • XTREME Manual Control Microwave: ₱2995
  • XTREME Digital Microwave Oven: ₱3,295

XTREME Water Dispenser

  • XTREME Tabletop Water Dispenser: ₱3,995
  • XTREME Bottom Load Water Dispenser: ₱3,995

XTREME Refrigerators

  • XTREME Single door Refrigerator: ₱11,995

XTREME Air Conditioner

  • XTREME Window Type Aircon with Remote: ₱13,800                                                                             

For more information please visit XTREME Appliances Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. For the full list of products, please visit XTREME website and Lazada pages.

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