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PSBank, the consumer banking arm of the Metrobank Group, is stepping up its digital banking innovations with its wide array of products and services available 24/7 amid growing customer preference for mobile transactions.

Cardless Withdrawal

Cardless Withdrawal was first launched in October last year, making PSBank its pioneers in the Philippines. Cardless Withdrawal allows withdrawal of cash from any PSBank ATM without using an ATM card. It is steadily gaining traction in terms of customer usage as average daily transaction jumped 23% at the end of the first quarter as against the average daily transaction recorded at the end of 2017.

ATM Lock

The ATM Lock enables clients to lock their ATM card and prevent its unauthorized use in any ATM, point of sale or online transactions that require the card number.  This feature provides clients with additional layer of protection against ATM-card related fraud on top of having better control of their accounts.

One Touch ID and PayMe

One Touch ID allows customers to quickly access the PSBank Mobile App by fingerprint recognition, thus removing the need for a password. PayMe, on the other hand, allows customers to request for money and payments from other users in a snap.

Other services that PSBank offers online are the PSBank Online Loan Application or POLA, the online investment facility e-Trust, Business Online Buddy or BOB for SME’s and their retail customers, Mobile Credit Verification, Check Image Clearing and Billings and Ledger Recon systems, leading to faster delivery of services—91% of loan applications were processed in less than 8 hours.

To learn more about these services, you can visit the PSBank website or visit one of their 200 branches nationwide.

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