King of Worlds, developed by the Seven Senses group, is the best fast-paced global Kingdom war SLG game in 2020. It combines tactics with a simulation game, with a core concept “Build your Kingdom with 10x speed for FREE; and master the gameplay in 60 seconds!” Players can have a taste of becoming warlord in a chaotic period, and through recruiting an army, strengthening the city and battle with tactics, slowly path the way to become the overlord who leads the world.

The game has started its pre-registration event today (Oct 16) globally. Players who participated in the pre-registration will be able to get extra rewards. Also, when the pre-registration number has reached certain milestones, bonus rewards will be sent.

Build your Kingdom in 10x speed for Free and conquer the world

Different from traditional SLG games which usually require long waiting times, players can build their kingdom quickly in King of Worlds. As mentioned above, “build your Kingdom at 10x speed for FREE”. The game allows beginners to enjoy the core game features quickly, as the developer reduced the time for building facilities, training army, and researching the technology. They also reduce the number of resources needed for upgrading different features, which allows the player to play at their own pace and create their very own unique Kingdom! The game is special because the team cares more about user experiences, and wants all players to enjoy the experiences of conquering the world with millions of army using just 1/10 spending of traditional SLG games.

Declare war to players worldwide with no boundaries!

Players from all over the world will share the same server in King of Worlds and manage their own kingdom with a very real simulation system. Through expanding the territory and strengthening your power, you will be able to fight for the throne with players worldwide. Start your own era and rule the Kingdom!

Recruit Historic Heroes and fight alongside them

Summon historical heroes from different countries, lead them to fight battles for you, and conquer the world! Different heroes have different abilities and skills, from your army according to the military type that the hero excels in leading. Play with tactics, play smart, and kill your enemies!

World best fast-paced SLG mobile game, King of Worlds, starts its pre-registration today! Complete your registration at the event website to get amazing rewards once the game is launched! Players will be able to grow the army and build the buildings quicker with these extra resources. For more game information and the latest news, please follow our official Facebook page and stay tuned.

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