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Last Friday we had the pleasure of being invited to cover Corsair‘s first press release here in the Philippines. Just like their tagline Build it Beautiful I had the privilege to get a closer look at some of their products that they have released or will be releasing soon. Apart from the usual Cooling systems, and fans, I also saw one of their newer Power supplies the RM850X, a few of their cases, some RGB lights along with their light controllers, and how could I forget the gaming peripherals such as headphones, and headphones stand, gaming mice, and keyboards.

Dennis Jackson, the Director of Marketing for Gaming systems & components, gave us a brief glimpse into the past of Corsair and how they made it to where they are today. He also gave a presentation on some of their new cases, and on the other new products like the LL series fans, and the RM850X as well.

Harry Chen also gave his own presentation on the gaming division, specifically the K63 wireless lapboard keyboard, and its spill proof technology, and their partnership with Ubisoft and their latest game Far Cry 5. With their latest Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) users will now be able to synchronize and design their desktop tower’s, fans, keyboard, mice, and mousepads RGB lighting to give an even greater experience. In partnership with Ubisoft, you can currently synchronize the CUE with Far Cry 5. If you are in the water the lights will turn blue, if you’re being shot at it will turn red, and many other effects in between.

After the presentations were over, I also got the chance to try out the games on their new products, and must admit that it was a better experience than on previous mechanical keyboard, and gaming mice.

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