Satan’s Slaves

Total Score

Total ScoreJoko Anwar‘s Pengabdi Setan or Satan’s Slaves brings in the scares typically expected from Horror, Mystery movies with a flair that’s gripping and at the same time creepy since the cinematography and the atmosphere pretty much fits the movie. You have stellar performances across the aboard most especially from the lead’s Tara Basro who delivers a believable performance as Rini. The eldest among siblings who doesn’t believe in the supernatural but is faced with an ongoing onslaught of unexplainable events from the movie’s start till the end. I also want to commend…

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Indonesian Horror Film, Pegabdi Setan or Satan’s Slaves in English is Going to be Shown Locally

Joko Anwar, the multi-awarded director from Indonesia is back with another critically acclaimed horrifying film “Pegabdi Setan,” “Satan’s Slaves” in English. The film tells the story of a family of four who must take evil head-on after their mother dies. Featuring plenty of scares and a shocking plot twist, the film is set in 1981, one year before the classic horror movie was set. This is the most successful horror film in Indonesia of all time. It managed to attract almost 3.9 million viewers in a month. As of now, it is…

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