How to Top Up Using the Abra App

If you think that the news of the partnership between Abra and Playpark and want to load up on your Audition Dance Battle and Cabal Online accounts? Here’s the guide on how to do it!

  1. Download the Abra app via Appstore or Playstore and Register.
  2. Open the app and Click +ADD MONEY.
  3. Reload your ABRA wallet by clicking your BANK ACCOUNT or USE CASH
  4. LOG IN to your LU Play account and TOP UP using Abra. [Submit 10-digit number, Select load amount and Click Top Up]
  5. Open your Abra app and click APPROVE.
  6. Game Credits will be added in your LU Play Account.
  7. [TOP UP SUCCESFUL] Purchase confirmation will be sent to your email address. The email contains TRANSACTION NUMBER and details.

Now, with these easy steps you can enjoy topping-up at the comfort of your homes. No more hassle when loading up. Also, with ABRA you can send money to family and friend here and in the US with your hearts feeling safe and secured!


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  • Alvin Bautista

    i load up 50php in my abra account but when i try to top-up the balance never appeared. it says it doesn’t suffice my available balance but i have 50php in my wallet. anyone can help?

    • Hello Alvin, thanks for the comment! Will forward this to Abra and hopefully they get back to us about it.

    • Hello Alvin, I got feedback, please send an email at Kindly include in the email the customer’s name, the date and amount of the transaction, and the transaction code.