About Us

DAGeeks stands for Digital and Analog Geeks and is a blog dedicated in bringing the latest news, reviews, and opinions about pop culture, gaming, and anything geeky happening locally and internationally. The site though also adds a bit of a different slant since it’s creator, Haoson, is a professing and active Christian, so there’s a specific area in the blog dedicated to those topics and posts yet at the same time putting in a more geeky slant than usual.

The blog is open to advertising and paid posts and you can contact us at this email: haoson@dageeks.com

Here are the team members:

Editor-in-Chief and Owner

Vincent Haoson

Haoson‘s been blogging for quite a long while now starting with Back2Gaming. He’s been around the geek scene since early 2000s and has been a big fat nerd since he was old enough to understand what words are. Aside from blogging, he’s trying his hand in streaming at the DAGeeks Twitch Channel and has been writing for OnRPG as a game reviewer.

He’s unapologetically geeky, more often than not a tinge nerdy, but at the end of the day he’s just your every day geek.

1 Peter 3:15

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Events Team

Chen Gomez

An avid fan of Japanese pop culture and a poet during his spare time, Chen‘s a writer who enjoys playing video games and watching anime. He’s a lover of music and animals, and also likes collecting fiction novels, even aspiring to write one someday. Though known for being introverted, Chen also enjoys outdoor activities like

hiking, wall climbing and practicing martial arts. His favorite pastimes are playing with his two Siberian Huskies, strumming his guitar and sitting in a cafe for hours with his headphones on while either reading a novel or trying to write something.

Patty Uy

Patty Uy is the briar rose of DAGeeks. She prefers to be called Patty for short, or Pat for shorter. She is a registered nurse turned events photographer who believes that photos do not do justice to the beauty God’s creations portray. You can find her in conventions or other events, shooting away.

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Yu. FO

Yu. FO is the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. When he’s feeling good, he feels like Toby Maguire‘s Peter Parker, but with Andrew Garfield‘s Spiderman. On off days, he just feels like P. Diddy. He enjoys breaking fighting games, B-movies, and long walks in the beach.

Gio Sarmiento

Gio Sarmiento, IGN Giodude. Is a gamer at heart, from the analog games like Catan to digital games like Overwatch. He is also a big fan of the Superhero genre when it comes to movies and TV shows.

He’s been a geek for as long as he can remember. Apart from writing for DAGeeks he’s also dabbling in making his own YouTube channel along with running a clothes printing business.

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John Gaisano III

John Gaisano III is a 30-something year old who believes that geeky things can display God’s glory. An avid reader, John also does PC gaming, tabletop RPGs, board games, and has dabbled in a wide variety of non-mainstream “geek” hobbies. John is also a Chinese-Filipino businessman and writes at his blog.

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