Lord of Dice Is Now Available in the Philippines

If you’re looking to get into an interesting new game for your smartphone, Ciousya has brought over their Strategy RPG game, Lord of Dice to the Philippine shores. Here’s the rundown of the game features that you can expect from the game: Board Battles: Various attacks to certainly get the victory you want. Your own strategies. Your rules. Your battle. Dice Battles: Dice battle occurs when the player landed to one of the board that requires to surrender your dice to compete with your enemies.  You choose what dice you want to…

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Spider-Man: Homecoming | DAGeeks Movie Review

Total Score

Total ScoreSpider-Man Homecoming is yet another reboot stand alone film of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with Tom Holland reprising his role as the titular web-head. Without missing a beat, Tom Holland’s take on the younger version of Peter Parker was consistent with the limited time we’ve seen him in action in Captain America: Civil War. And this is a good thing because from the short time we’ve seen him take on Winter Soldier, Falcon and even Captain America himself, I personally enjoyed and fell in love with his take of…

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