One Piece: A Life for a King

One of the reasons why I continue to enjoy reading manga, beyond the action, art, and story – is because every now and then, well-written ones remind me of something interesting and meaningful. One Piece is one of the best written manga still active and a recent chapter gave me a bit of food for thought. Spoiler alert here, in case you haven’t kept up to date with the releases of the manga. In the current story arc, Luffy and his nakama (friends/companions), along with some other allies are heading…

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword | DAGeeks Movie Review

Total Score

Total ScoreThe latest take as of 2017 on the Arthurian legend, this version casts aside historical accuracy and instead goes for a much more fantastic setting. Visually, the movie has Guy Ritchie’s signature all over it. This can be felt in the pacing and techniques of his cinematography. It’s an interesting vibe and makes liberal use of flashback sequences threaded throughout the movie. The plot is not entirely complicated, although the way the sequences come together can feel a bit frenetic at times due to the cinematography style. I liked…

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