Geekdom x Faith: Boris Joaquin

One of the goals when I set up this blog was to really mesh the three things I really love into one. My faith (God), my love of games both analog and digital (Games – the DA in DAGeeks stands for Digital and Analog) and Geekery (Geekery). There have been moments though that some people don’t see things that way. And in my experience, they find it hard, nigh, impossible to connect. Especially, when a person’s faith and video games/geekdom is concerned. But thankfully, the Lord has been gracious and…

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The Case for Christ | DAGeeks Movie Review

Total Score

Total ScoreThe Case for Christ is a faith movie which covers the life story of Lee Strobel, an investigative journalist who applies his skill and reasoning to disprove the legitimacy of Christianity. Set at the turn of the decade from the 70s to the 80s, the styling of the actors and the scenery is clearly felt. While the movie is principally focused on the strength of the narrative, it has its fair share of well-executed shots. The acting and the direction of certain scenes are, unfortunately, probably one of the…

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