League of Legends Patch 7.5 Goes Live Tomorrow

The League of Legends Philippines fanpage has announced the roll-out of the patch 7.5 for the game tomorrow after the scheduled server maintenance. The update will include the Dragon Sorceress skin for Zyra and Dragon Slayer Skin for Xin Zhao. The patch will also be releasing the chroma skin for the Dragonslayer Pantheon and Xin Zhao skins. Patch 7.5 will affect the ff. heroes: Kindred (Buffed) Lucian (Buffed) LeBlanc (Nerfed) Rengar (Nerfed) Ryze (Nerfed) Varus (Nerfed) Aatrox (Adjusted) Fizz (Adjusted) Miss Fortune (Adjusted) Meanwhile the following summoner skills will also get an adjustment in…

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Losing My Way and Finding It Back

Losing our way, or mawala sa landas is often associated to people who have gone down the deep end. Usually, ang maririnig natin sa mga matatanda or other people eh, yung mga “nawala sa landas” are people who are 1. Drug Addcits, 2. Got pregnant out of wedlock or 3. Those who are into some weird thing in their lives that society frowns upon. But in truth, lahat tayo, one way or another has faced that moment in our lives. We have, at one point, asked the question, “ano bang…

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Super Robot Wars V Review

Total Score

Total ScoreSuper Robot Wars V takes place during the war between the Federation and Zeon, where humans have decided to travel to space in search for new planets to colonize. With the battles in Earth being over, a new era called the “10 Blank Years” has began. A hundred years after the war, the Gamillias appeared and annihilated everything on their path, destroying planets and enslaving humans. All planets and colonies were struck by planetary bombs, destroying them. With Earth destroyed, humanity has only a year to survive. But amidst…

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